Yesterday, love was an easy game ..

In their eyes, I can see their flame

He died from a brokenheart
I've found this amazing poem, it really moved my heart.

So I'm working on something about r/k, it's my first piece in english.
My born-language is spanish, and I've started a little drabble but in my language.
I'll try my best to put great ideas on it and I hope to finish it later.
Writing is one of my biggest hobbies, but the first one is r/k, all the way haha.

He moved to a new town,
Felt like he was lost,
He always wore a frown,
Till he seen the angel across,

One day he met her,
It was like a sign,
She was so pretty just,
Endless like time,

Together they fell,
In deep love real fast,
Vowed to love each other,
That they'd always last,

Then it got stronger,
Deeper than thought,
He'd love her forever,
Felt life was to short,

Then something went wrong,
And they spent less time,
The boy started to wonder,
Is she even still mine,

Till one day she called,
And heres what she said,
"Id rather be alone,
Then with u instead"

From that day on,
Inside more he died,
He couldn't let go,
No matter how hard he tried,

Two and a half years have past,
In life he feels he has no part,
Twenty-one days later,
He died from a broken heart,

Heres to all u lovers,
Who don't picture your selfs apart,
Make sure you cherish every moment,
Right from the very start.... 

 By Cassanova.

"To fall in love is awfully simple, but to fall out of love is simple awful"  -


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